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Welcome! :D
This is the official Precious guild-forum! :3
Precious was made on FW Illyfue server the 4th of April, and are tryin hard to expand and grow big and strong together ever since. 
Are you a Precious member, or if you want to join, please sign up to the forum for access to everything that will eventually be put up on this site. :3
Contact Lonatri or DeadlyOne if the case is that you are not yet a Precious member. :D

Guild News

Leader change again!

DeadlyOnee, Jun 7, 12 10:17 AM.
Our Precious Lonatri have taken over the charge! :D Lets wish her good luck on the new position, while I lean back on the vice leaders chair...  Nah, just kidding.

Rule update

DeadlyOnee, May 23, 12 4:31 PM.
Make sure u read the rules again, there are some changes.
(read all of it, u might have forgotten something, or missed it)


DeadlyOnee, Apr 28, 12 6:05 PM.
Our Precious Gaybie left us today, and we'll all miss him. (some more than others)
We'll wish him a good future tho, and cry together for his abscence.
We will keep on fighting for lvl3 and ofc, a base.
New leader; DeadlyOne.
New Corpsleader; Lonatri.

Corpsnames also changed;
First corps; from Verdifull to Cyanide
Second; from Cyanide to LLAI

RULES added to the Library

GuyWithFangs, Apr 12, 12 10:05 AM.
This guild have rules, did you know? If not; check out the new rules on the Library. There's also a new handbook to the guild-site. If anything should be changed on the rules or handbook, comment this news.


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

GuyWithFangs, Apr 5, 12 2:32 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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